The Perils of A Slack Go-To-Market 

In todays market, a great product isn’t enough to win—it has to be coupled with an equally strong GTM strategy. Slack Vs. Microsoft Teams tells that story best. Keep reading to learn more about how Teams outpaced Slack as the leading communication tool in the workplace, despite being a worse product by taking a deliberate focus on GTM.

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Start with Marketecture

The creation of messaging can be a challenge for even the most seasoned Product Marketers. Fortunately, marketecture is an activity that provides a simple, collaborative, and foundational approach that can help any PMM craft a compelling narrative, rooted in market problems and product value.

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The Overlooked Use Case of Messaging

Though messaging is often linked to go-to-market efforts, it can play a critical role in the discovery of new value creation for customers, early on in the product development process. Keep reading to learn more about how messaging tactics can support product validation, drive product adoption, and the ideas discussed in this post were applied to a real world product.

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The Dreaded Imposter Syndrome

Success can sometimes come with an unexpected cost. The added responsibility of a new role, overachieving, or receiving a lot of public praise can counterintuitively, cause someone to deal with Imposter Syndrome. Keep reading to learn why it’s crucial to overcome Imposter Syndrome in a new role, what the basis of the struggle is, and how to go about fending it off.

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